Thursday, February 28: League of Women Voters, Wheaton Candidate Forum,                                                Wheaton City Hall begins @ 6:00 pm

Sunday, March 3: Meet & Greet from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

                                         North side Wheaton - contact us if interested

Saturday, March 9: Canvassing begins @ 9:00 am

                                         Staging location My Half of the Sky, 121 W. Wesley St.

Sunday, March 10:  Canvassing begins @ 12:00 noon

                                         Staging location Panera Bread  25 Rice Lake Square

Sunday, March 10: Meet & Greet from 4:00 -5:30 pm

                                         North side Wheaton - contact us if interested 

Tuesday, March 19: Two Weeks 'Till Tuesday (Election Day) Social Event

                                          Emmett's Brewing, Wheaton  121 W. Front St. 

                                          Meet Erica, bring a friend, write some postcards


Saturday & Sunday, March 30 & 31.  Canvass Wheaton!  Contact me if you're

                                                                interested.  We can always use helpers! 

Tuesday, April 2nd - Election Day!  Find your sample ballot and polling station HERE

*Stay Tuned for more events!*