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Why I ran in 2019

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As a high school civics teacher and boy scout citizenship merit badge counselor, I have sent hundreds of students to local council meetings.  I consistently emphasize local government has the greatest impact on our daily lives. It is now time to take my own advice and get actively involved in the local decision-making process. I am proud to have raised my family in Wheaton while striving to be a positive contributor. The current city council has made some solid decisions in moving Wheaton in a positive direction while maintaining fiscal responsibility. I hope to join them in continuing the forward progress toward an even more vibrant and modern city into the next decade.


As a professional educator, I listen to students, faculty, and administration in order to make well-informed decisions that positively impact the students in my classroom every day. In the same way at the larger level, I participate in organizations that make positive, influential decisions in the best interests of the community.  

Through my professional choices I have acquired the skills to evaluate both needs and viewpoints, and with the resources available, choose the best possible course of action. Good local governments are built on multiple perspectives that coalesce into a positive direction. I believe I have invaluable insight. I am an advocate for my students who do not have a voice or have not yet developed one. Likewise, not everyone in Wheaton has the ability to speak up and make their wishes known to the community.  I have vast experience in serving as a collaborative leader and will reach out to hear all voices. Finally, as a mother who raised two kids through the Wheaton Community Unit School District 200 and the resources of the city, including the library and park district, I’m very aware of the benefits these strong pillars bring to our community. The schools, parks, safety agencies, and resources are what brought my family to Wheaton and what will keep us here well into our “empty nest” years.


I am proud to say that I have been endorsed by the Daily Herald, State Senator Laura Ellman, State Representative Terra Costa Howard, Mayor Michael J. Gresk, Councilman John Prendiville, Councilman John K. Rutledge, Councilman Todd Scalzo, Park Board Commissioner Jane Hodgkinson, District 41 School Board Member Erica Nelson and the Wheaton Firefighters Union.  I value the support of the leaders in our community and I look forward to joining them as a representative for your interests.

City Issues


Continued economic growth with a focus on access and mobility for residents and visitors.


Enhanced collaboration and collective action between the three main pillars of our vibrant community.


Increased environmentally-friendly policy and practice and sustainable development.

Important Links

DuPage County Election Commission
      &  Early Voting 
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