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As we enter the home stretch of the campaign I’d like to share some final thoughts about my vision for our city of Wheaton. Our future is bright as we continue down the path of financial responsibility and strength. AND ALSO act as good stewards of our earth and environment. AND ALSO have policies and practices that uplift and celebrate diversity and strengthen the equity of our programs so they are inclusive to all members of our community. 

As one of seven members of the council I have a proven record of supporting the Police Department AND the Library; the Fire Department AND Public Works. These are not mutually exclusive or independent actions and ideas. We have an amazing city and I am committed to continuing that. I hope I have earned your VOTE!

I have come to the understanding that four years ago I honestly did not know what I was completely signing up for as I celebrated my first election to the Wheaton City Council.  What I knew for sure was that over the course of 23 years I had come to love Wheaton. I loved raising my family in Wheaton, I enjoyed the people, the parks, the schools, the services, the businesses, and so much more. As a high school civics teacher for 25+ years I also knew that active citizenship and local government were key to the success of any community. So I ran and was honored to win the support of the community I had come to treasure. 


What I have learned in the last four years could fill an entire web page! Some consistent themes I’ve come across in my role as Wheaton City Councilwoman At-Large include:

*The city of Wheaton is in good hands. The individuals that manage and work for Wheaton consistently demonstrate their dedication and have the best of intentions as they serve the people of Wheaton.

*It truly takes a village (or a city). The people, the organizations, the elected officials, the businesses, the religious centers, the boards and commissions, the police and fire departments, the library, and public works department each, in their own way, make Wheaton a safe and welcoming place to work, raise a family, visit, and live a lifetime in. 

The successes we have experienced as a community during my time on the council are also too numerous to list. We are a council with diverse interests that represent the people of Wheaton and there are many services that I have actively supported with my official votes and in my words and actions as a community leader.

We have…

*Successfully navigated the global pandemic

*Continued policies that promote financial stability and responsibility 

*Discussed, debated, passed and reviewed a Strategic Plan and Roosevelt Road Corridor Plan

*Enhanced our sidewalk and tree planting programs

*Created and implemented storm water programs

*Wrapped up the Downtown Streetscape project with the completion of the pavilion structure south of the tracks

*Enhanced the “love your neighbor” spirit with an eclectic mix of programs and events


City Issues


Continued economic growth with a focus on access and mobility for residents and visitors.


Enhanced collaboration and collective action between the three main pillars of our vibrant community.


Increased environmentally-friendly policy and practice and sustainable development.

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